The new world of home coffee machine technology

With the further upgrading of consumers' requirements for products and technologies, it is difficult to have a home coffee machine in the market that exceeds the standard of commercial coffee machines.

However, many users who have requirements for coffee quality are very eager to have a super high-end professional home coffee machine in their home. Therefore, according to the higher requirements of consumers, we have developed a high-end home coffee machine with IMD screen.

This coffee machine is the first coffee machine in the world to display many specific parameters on the screen in the form of numbers, so that the user can more accurately control the data when making coffee, so that he can get a cup of coffee he wants more. In particular, the high-precision electronic sensor we use can weigh more accurately, and the deviation is controlled within 0.1g. There are also a series of high-end preparations, such as the precise control of coffee extraction temperature.

Users can adjust the temperature according to their own needs to get what you want. In addition, our machine has the function of automatically steaming milk foam, and we are equipped with temperature sensing control. Of course, users can also set the temperature of milk foam. When it reaches the temperature you set, the milk foam will be automatically sent. At the same time, our machine has the ML display of coffee liquid, and can set the ml of single cup or double cup independently.

In addition, the control of pre soaking time and water volume gives this coffee machine unique technology and professionalism. This is a high-end home machine that can DIY all parameters. This high-end technology coffee machine brings a new experience to users who like DIY. Once you have it, you can't leave it.


Post time: Jun-23-2022