No need to install food waste processor, pet feces processor, waste to fertilizer

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Take the United States as an example: the vast majority of users are still using traditional connected sink-type shredders to discharge the kitchen waste into the sewer, which does not solve the problem from the source, and our NA-1 independent kitchen waste disposer is a Terminal products that truly solve the problem from the source

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Product advantage highlights and process introduction

1. Material of the whole machine: environmentally friendly material, flame retardant, environmentally friendly and safe;
2. Handle: 304 stainless steel mirror polished; CNC processed CD texture; laser laser LOGO; surface anti-fingerprint treatment
3,Shell: ABS+PC. Matte space gray spray paint, high quality;
4. Inner barrel: CNC anti-sticking polishing technology on the inner wall of the barrel; food-grade ceramic Teflon coating;
Activated carbon filter element: The activated carbon adopts columnar tar activated carbon with high iodine value (iodine value as high as 1000), high carbon tetrachloride value and large specific surface area, which has stronger adsorption capacity; A pair of filter elements, about 40,000 activated carbon particles, and the carbon particles are non-flammable, environmentally friendly and safe;
5. Stirring rod: high hardness aluminum alloy;
6. L-shaped cutter head: stainless steel material;
7. Core motor: up to 3-5 years of life;


Summary of product selling points

No installation, ready to use when plugged in, small in size, and can be placed at will;
The appearance is exquisite, and the whole machine is made of environmentally friendly materials;
High temperature, sterilization, drying, grinding, filtering peculiar smell, the temperature in the barrel is up to 126 degrees, reducing the weight of food waste by 90% and the volume by 75%;
Extremely simple, the whole machine has only one button, the machine will automatically cut off the power and stop after the work is over, the operation is simple, and the elderly can also use it.


Quiet and no noise, the noise is less than 45db;
Super energy saving. Only 0.1-0.5 kWh of electricity is required for a single treatment;
Turn waste into treasure, and the processed material can be used as organic fertilizer raw material to be mixed with soil for fertilization of plants;
The processed material can be sealed and stored for more than 1 year for a long time without deterioration.
Disposal objects: kitchen waste (wet waste) including: leftovers, leftovers, food residues, melon skins and fruit shells, egg shells, tea residues and medicine residues, chicken, duck and fish bones can all be processed.

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