New design home use 120V,220V,50~60Hz 850W,1050W boiler espresso coffee machine

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*15/20bar powerful pressure pump
*Die-casting aluminum alloy boiler
*1. 5L detachable transparent water tank
*1 and 2 cups dual-stainless steel filter
*Touch screen with programmed one cup, two cups manual and steam function
* With high pressure frothing function
*With overheating and overpressure protected device
*Detachable drop tray for easy cleaning
*With NTC to have precise temperature contro
*Pre-brew system, which will make the coffee cake moist before brewing
Size: 220*272*295mm

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☕ 【LED touchscreen】 LED display, five touch buttons, one button to start. Single-cup, Double-cup and Custom three extraction modes. The single cup preset is 15 seconds and the coffee 50 ml. The preset for two cups is 25 seconds and 100 ml coffee is produced. Use the custom mode to prepare coffee to your liking. Coffee machine is equipped with two filters that can be used alternately.
☕ 【Adjustable steam foam】 The coffee machine has six gears. Turn the knob to easily adjust the intensity, let steam and milk mix completely together and get a rich and dense milk foam. The steam pipe can be easily rotated and moved for easy foaming and cleaning.


☕ 【20 bar high pressure】 The 20 bar high pressure pump perfectly extracts the delicate aroma of coffee grounds during the brewing process and extracts a smoother and finer coffee. The coffee extracted at a water temperature of 85°C can extract the mild aroma of the coffee to the highest degree without burning the coffee, giving you the best experience.
☕ 【Upper insulation】After starting the coffee machine, a certain amount of heat is generated and transferred upwards during operation of the machine. The stripe design can place the cup firmly, and the extracted coffee can be placed on the top to keep the coffee warm, so that the coffee retains its flavor for a long time.
☕ 【Removable water tank and drip tray】 The removable 1.5-litre water tank with large capacity is convenient for collecting water, and the large capacity does not need to be connected to water frequently. Removable drip tray for easy cleaning, when using tall glasses simply remove the drip tray.

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