Home and commercial use Conical mill coffee bean grinder

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Advanced LED Touch Panel Control, Better Fingertip Experience
220-240V 50-60Hz 200W
Plastic body with silver decoration frame
Conical burr blade, good grinding effect and high efficiency
Detachable blade, easy to clean

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Transparent coffee bean container
Detachable coffee bean container and coffee powder container, easy to clean
Coffee bean container capacity: 240g

Coffee powder container capacity: 130g
Adjustable coffee powder from coarse to fine, 35 levels
Adjustable grinding powder volume, from one cup to 12 cups


Product Details

【Precision Grinding Settings】. With 35 precise grind settings, you can adjust the thickness of the powder freely.
【Large Capacity】. The bean box holds up to 240g of Coffee beans, the ground coffee container holds a maximum of 130g of ground coffee.
【1-12 Cups Extensive Grinding Amount】.LED WIDE TOUCH SCREEN
This coffee grinder features a LED screen control that allows you to effortlessly use the machine, select the cup amount, and grind time. You could select cup from 1 to 12 and grind time up to 60 seconds.Select the amount of cups according to your demand, and it will stop automatically at the correct amount of grounds.
【Compact & Safety Design】The coffee grinder would rest for 30 minutes automatically if the working time exceeds 3 minutes.


【Anti-static Technology 】This coffee grinder has built in anti-static technology that makes the coffee grounds chamber mess-free. With other brands when emptying the grind chamber of burr-style coffee grinders, ground coffee will often stick to the chamber and fly all over the counter. This coffee grinders elimination of static will not only improve your experience, but also make the most of every bean, and avoiding waste.
【Conical Burr & Uniform Grinding】The ground coffee made by the conical burr is more uniform than flat burr. This burr grinder ensures none of the beans essential oils are lost by way of oxidation, providing optimum coffee flavor


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