No Oil Home Use Electric Air Fryer Multi Function Air Fryers

Short Description:

Power: UL:120V/60Hz/1700W


Capacity: 5L

Size:453mm × 351mm × 261mm
Aluminum pot with Ceramic coating with silicon handle
Brushed stainless steel housing with cool touch stainless steel handle
Coated die-casting heating plate with dry boil protection
LED display with Time and Temperature

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Product advantage highlights and process introduction

Frying pan with air frying function

1. Multi-function, with air frying function and frying function;

2. Adopt centrifugal large air volume air frying module to fry and roast food more evenly and faster

3. It is not necessary to turn over the side to fry and roast the food. The heat source of the top heating tube can be used to fry and roast the food. The frying and roasting can be completed in a short time, and the effect is better.

4. The upper cover can be opened in a reversible way, making it easier to take and place food.

5. After the upper cover is opened, the frying pan at the bottom can work like a net red pot to realize the functions of frying, steaming and other net red pots.

6. The appearance of roast beef steak is degreased quickly, the outside is burnt and the inside is tender, and the raw and cooked layers are obvious;

7.French fries have uniform color, high dehydration rate and crispy taste


Summary of product selling points

The bottom is provided with a die-casting heating plate;

When the upper cover is opened, the frying plate can realize the frying function of the baking plate by relying on the die-casting heating plate at the bottom;

Surface heating chassis, uniform heating, fast heating;


Dual regenerative design;
After power failure, the product has heat storage in addition to the baking plate, and the heating plate also has heat storage, so the heat preservation time is better than the traditional baking plate;
Multi-functional baking board;
Heating plate+baking plate are heated at the same time, with balanced heat and lasting heat preservation;

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