A new design food waste disposal to solve the problem of Garbage classification and pet feces

Kitchen waste disposal is becoming an indispensable part of the kitchen. At present, the normalized installation free kitchen waste processor on the market is a brand-new category. With the policies of various countries on kitchen waste and the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the implementation of waste classification and long-term home isolation during the epidemic period, the kitchen waste processor has welcomed the spring.

What is the market prospect of kitchen waste disposer? It is related to the following aspects.

1. National policy support
The government proposed to "use new technologies and equipment to promote the treatment of household shredded kitchen waste into fertilizer". As a new way of breaking through the traditional ideas and methods of waste treatment, which can greatly save costs and purify the environment, it has been favored and supported by the national macro policies.
2. Improvement of environmental awareness
With the continuous and in-depth education on the concept of environmental protection by the state, the residents' awareness of environmental protection has improved, expanding the market demand for kitchen waste.
3. The industry has entered a hot period of development
According to the survey of authoritative research institutions, the ownership rate of the overall kitchen in urban households accounts for only 8%, and the expected purchase rate in five years is 29%. If the number of urban households in China is 100million, the expected total purchase amount of the overall kitchen in China's cities in the next five years will reach 29million sets. The development potential is huge, and the industry is about to enter a hot period.

Advantages of kitchen waste processor:
1、 Solving environmental protection problems from the root of food residues
2. The food residue is no longer immediately discharged through the processor, but is made into a kind of fertilizer through high-temperature anti-virus, drying and grinding, which can be used as a fertilizer provider for your own flowers and plants, and can also feed pets. It is really very useful in life.
3. After use, the food waste can be disposed conveniently and quickly. Just pour the leftovers into the processor and operate with one key.
4. Eliminate the odor in the room. Our newly developed garbage processor has a deodorization function, which can protect the home environment from odor.
5. Because of the rapid treatment of food waste, the kitchen environment can be kept clean and sanitary, thus avoiding the breeding of bacteria.
6. The kitchen waste processor is convenient and practical for the treatment of kitchen waste, and has won favor in the market. Moreover, with the improvement of consumers' awareness of environmental protection and the high attention of the government, the market prospect of kitchen waste processor is very good.

Post time: Jun-23-2022