Fits 12″ Pizza 1700W Stainless Steel Smart Pizza Oven With LED Display Pizza Oven

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Housing Material:Stainless steel
Power (W):1700
Adjustable Thermostat Control, Overheat Protection, Programmable, With Light Indicator, With Observation Window
Capacity:>6L, Make 12′pizza
Controlling Mode:Digital Timer Control, Digital Control
Application:Hotel, Household
Power Source:Electric
Product name:Pizza oven
Material:Stainless Steel

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Product advantage highlights and process introduction

1.Newly designed digital pizza oven,AC:220-240V,50/60Hz,power: 1700W
2.Doubleinsulated glass door
3.Included with smart digitaltimerin 1-60 minutes
4.Stainless steel(housing+ controlpanel),Aluminum internal cavity(Optional cavity:stainless steel)
5.Included with an interior light.
6.80-400°C(=175-750°F)Digital variable temperature control, Suitable for baking 12’pizzawith 12'pizza stone.
7.Automatically set a variety of pizza baking menus of different styles, and you can cook Naplespizza /Thin&crispy pizza /New York /thick pizza /frozen pizza /DlY pizza designed by yourselfaccordingtoyourtaste.
8.Intelligentupper and lower temperature control
9.There're unique mosquito incense tray for the upper and lower heating elements, which makes thetemperature more uniform.
10.After preheating for 25 minutes, When the temperature reaches 400"C = 750"F),12' thin pizza can be
quickly cookedin 120 seconds.
11.The unique internal thermalinsulation design ofthe pizza oven can ensure that the pizza oven reachesa safe mode suitable for household use


Summary of product selling points

it' s convenient for you to observe and monitor the menu ofthe cooking process bythe beautiful glass window design,withoutopening the glass doorto observe,resulting in the heatinside running out, You can see the wonders of pizza baking processin thepizza oven via a bright interior light, which takes only 120 seconds to get the perfect crispy pizza.
Smart pizza oven can make the upper&lower heating elements heat the ceramic pizza stone to 380"C, and thefurnace cavity environment is 400°, thus replicating the cooking environment oftraditional brick baking. You can choose thebaking settings ofclassic,thin&crispy or thick bottom pizza according to your favorite pizza style.


Fast cooking at high temperature is the secret to making a good piza. It provides you with convenience and speed. Yes, it only takes 120 seconds to bake aresh and delicious 12 inch thin pizza. The specially desiened heating elements can provide even heat for the crisp golden brownshell and foamed cheese every time. You can taste your favorite pizza in just a few minutes.

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